About me 

My name is José Falcón, and I was born in San Luis, Argentina. At thirteen years old, I started on the path of photography thanks to family friends who are photographers such as Marcos Furer and Emaus Miciu. Using a pocket camera that I’d won in an astronomy contest at school, I realized that one doesn’t truly need professional equipment and the latest technology to take impressive pictures, which is contrary to what many people think. Think about it... How did Henri-Cartier Bresson and other photographers from decades ago capture such incredible moments with only a simple camera and lens? Because, in the end, it's all in the photographer. How is it that we make the image become art? By merely leaving a piece of who we are in the image. To me, the path to creating powerful, emotive pictures is by collecting the emotions in a moment and harnessing the power of light in my camera. A photograph should generate a reaction and emotion in all who witness it; I want people to look at my work and feel.


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